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About-UsSteve has been actively originating home loans since 1993 after relocating from Connecticut.   A small business owner from the East Coast, Steve has applied his communication skills and business knowledge to the complexities of mortgage lending.

Steve’s parents make their home in Minnesota.  Although 1500 miles separates them from Steve,  he keeps up with their challenges as seniors on a daily basis.  He understands the financial needs of seniors who,  like his parents, transition through the golden years.Mom and Dad Photo

There are many loan products available, as for example the Reverse Mortgage,  that are customized to help seniors who are encumbered with high monthly mortgage payments, or those who just need additional cash for living expenses.  Steve has mastered  the Reverse Mortgage, a loan product that helps seniors over the age of 62 eliminate mortgage payments and maintain a comfortable life style while continuing to own and live in their home.

Although technology has helped simplify the loan process,  it may be old fashioned but Steve still  loves to make house calls, pull up a chair at a kitchen table and talk about the features and benefits of a Reverse Mortgage.

(Steve currently resides in San Jose and enjoys blues and classic rock music. Playing guitar since the age of 16 he has mastered the sound and feel of the instrument, just as he has mastered the challenges of his profession).